Don’t wait until it’s too late to get in shape!

Achieve your Health & Fitness goals now before it’s too late!

October is the best month to get serious about your health before the holidays. Most people gain 8 to 12 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s Day, then start their Year’s resolution. Most of the time it never works.

See me for a free Health & Fitness consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, you’ll lose the pounds with my proven program, without sacrificing all the fun festivities that the holidays bring. See your fitness goals seamlessly happen and continue the tailored lifestyle that you can live with for the rest of your life!

Easy way to contact me!

Through the quick contact form at or direct email me at  Phone me by calling 281-713-5700.  If I do not answer, it is likely because I am with a client, but I will return your call as promptly as possibly!   No matter which way you decide to contact me, I will provide a free health, nutrition, hormone & fitness consultation. My 2 for 1 Special is still available!.  Have yourself and a partner sign up together and both pay half price!!!

Rob and Lauren agreed to share their experience, advantages and convenience of working out with a partner.

They took advantage of my 2 for 1 couples’ program. They workout as wife and Husband in the same hour session. Watch my video (click video below) on how they managed to permanently get to his Health and Fitness Goals!  Click on the video below for their Story at The Firm U

Update on Dwight’s Progress, How he Lost 26 lbs. so Far!

In the last 8 weeks, Dwight has lost 26+ lbs. and now benches over 300 lbs.! View these videos of Dwight’s story and he’s achieved this success… so far, what’s the secret?

Week One – 11 lb weight loss!

Second update – 4 lb weight loss!

Third update –  26 lb weight loss so far!

Muscle gains update! Dwight bench presses 305 lbs!

Fourth Update – Dwight loses 1.5% of Body Fat!  Check out his gains!