Corporate Wellness

pic2The Firm U with Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker

The Firm U Corporate Wellness Program at The Firm U Studio

The Firm U Corporate Client Member ………. $45 per Month

This entitles The Firm U Client Member full access to the fitness facility at the posted hours of operation. Click on KPRC Channel 2 Houston Feature story on The Firm U.

Our Corporate Wellness Program will offer your company a cost effective way to truly make a positive, life changing difference in the lives of your employees. The number one resource at any company are the employees. More and more employers are realizing the physical well being of their workforce is a vital factor in the success of their corporation.

America has landed itself in a health crisis. We don’t move enough and we don’t eat correctly which negatively affects many aspects of our daily lives. For an employer, these actions have come at a high price. Medical insurance rates have skyrocketed, employee sick days are up across the nation and employees are reporting higher levels of stress.

Individuals who are unconditioned, obese or have been diagnosed with chronic disease are now being viewed as the norm as opposed to the being the exception.

That is where The Firm U comes in. We are committed to taking a proactive approach to helping our clients live healthier lives.

We educate, inspire, motivate and challenge your employees to make the changes needed to improve their physical well being.

Each fitness program is specifically designed with measurable results as the end outcome.

We don’t take the trust of our clients lightly. We are fully committed to the success of each and every client.

The Firm U Corporate Services Outside our Studiofinger balance

The Firm U is pleased to offer on-site personal training and wellness training to the corporate, residential and private sector. These programs are specifically designed to fit training requirements that fall outside of the normal gym environment.

Corporate Sector
Corporate personal training options, group instruction, and educational healthy lifestyle seminars.

Residential Sector
Neighborhood owned/operated gyms and apartment complexes.

Private Sector
Personal training options for individuals who prefer to train in their home.

References from Fortune 500 companies and local physicians available upon request.