A Message for Doctors

A Message to Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

We are on your side! We can’t begin to tell you how many times your patients come to us and say YOU told them to eat less and exercise more! Your patients then hire us to show them how.  The only problem is they come in to us broken, overweight, on prescription drugs, tired, in hormonal decline and biomechanically a mess.  A healthy human body always responds to diet and exercise. We need chiropractors and physical therapists to help supply us with a healthy body (internally) then we can supply you with a fit patient who will stay healthy and be a dream patient for you.

At The FIRM U, we use a system we created called The BioFirm System that coordinates what we have successfully found to be the necessary components for optimal health and fitness.  Watch our KPRC Channel 2 Houston Feature story on The Firm U.

These Components are Illustrated Here

As creators of the BioFirm System, we use these exact components personally to show your patients that it is possible for the everyday working Joe to be fit, healthy and how they can get better than celebrity results. Since most of our clients are 40 to 85 years old (with the majority of them being seniors), we do not subject them to turning tires, squatting to their heels, and Crossfit-type maneuvers. Good joints are too hard to come by these days and we’d like for everyone to keep the ones they have.

Weight Loss - Success StoryWe handle everything turnkey for your patients. We walk them through the system every step of the way, educating them about their bodies. It is not an exaggeration for us to say that after three months, our clients know MORE than most personal trainers.  Most clients reduce or eliminate their need for prescription drugs. Many correct chronic conditions they were told they would have for life. We have highly credentialed and experienced personal trainers with various specialties (see our “Personal Trainer Profiles”).  Many of our clients are MDs, DDSs, RNs,  chiropractors, and physical therapists.  We use a clinical approach to fitness because it works.  We invite you to come visit our facility where we offer an Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition course from a biochemical perspective.  We do not promote misleading and incorrect USDA or ADA nutrition advice.

Hand-Selected Supplements or Neutraceuticals

Christine Boss, Pharmacist & Biochemist

Our onsite Pharmacist/Biochemist, Christine Boss, hand selects or directs your patients where to find top-quality supplements or neutraceuticals they may need.  We use our education in exercise physiology and our experience as successful physique competitors to teach proper form, coordination and neuromuscular control to improve metabolism, muscular strength and aerobic capacity.   A sculpted, attractive body is often the side effect of our training.  No one has complained about that yet.

We consult with patients on advanced hormone optimization.  Christine had extensive training for advanced hormone optimization under world-renowned hormone expert, Dr. Neal Rouzier.  She can direct you to evidence-based medical literature to justify protocols needed for optimization using Bioidenticals hormones. She is also very familiar with the effectiveness of hormone formulations on the market, whether commercially prepared or compounded. We examine patient labs for hormone deficiencies and point out areas for them to discuss with their doctor.  Many people we see have become disillusioned and have quit going to doctors so need a referral from us. Each of our clients is inevitably in need of hormone replacement for health as well as for well being. Each client will need to be a patient of someone’s…why not you?  So, we respectfully ask that you consider yourself to be a caring and wise chiropractor or physical therapist and listen.  If you do, you will become wiser than the average doctor, and patients will adore you.

Evidence-Based Medicine

Doctor, you may be hesitant to prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to fear generated by the WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) Study which demonstrated an increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke in women who were treated with the SYNTHETIC hormone combination of Premarin and Provera. What you don’t understand is that this study does not apply to bio identical hormones which have different molecular structures, metabolites and biological effects than the hormones studied in the WHI. This dissimilarity is not understood by many physicians especially chiropractors & physical therapists. Women are living longer lives and deserve to live free of bone loss, heart complications and Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t fear estrogen, fear the LOSS of estrogen. Besides Christine’s years of formal education in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and human physiology, she has intensely studied advanced hormone replacement directly under world renowned hormone expert Dr. Neal Rouzier.  She is welcome to share with you his incredible bibliography of peer reviewed journals in every specialty of medicine so you will be able to review the safety, efficacy and benefits of bio identical hormones based on the medical literature. Cardiologists will see how testosterone, estrogen and thyroid are good for the heart. Internists will be shown that thyroid insufficiencies are not always uncovered by TSH tests, and how thyroid may even help a “healthy” patient. To the doctors looking down their noses at natural hormones, the justification is present in your own medical journals and literature. The data for natural hormones and against synthetic hormones is scientific, peer-reviewed evidence based in the medical literature. When a client presents their lab work to us and asks to discuss hormone deficiencies, we provide consultation that is not opinion based, nor is it fluff without foundation. Each hormone discussed and its application to longevity medicine is well grounded with clinical backing.

The following is a quote from triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Dedo MD:

“Patients find they can surgically reverse the effects of gravity and aging through facelifts, eyelifts, and liposuction. These procedures certainly make them look better, but cannot halt the internal aging process. When I prescribe HRT to a patient before surgery, they heal faster and feel better postoperatively. If the patient continues the natural hormone supplements post operatively, two wonderful things happen. First they will probably never need a second tuck or facelift. Second, they will begin to feel good with increased energy, libido, skin texture, muscle-to-fat distribution and improved mental clarity. Most of all I give my patients a choice in how they age after their cosmetic surgery!”

As we grow older, a little supplementation with familiar hormones is all it takes to feel healthy again.