Q. Do you give clients a structured meal plan ?

As far as a structured meal plan. I am not sure what you are meaning by “structured”. Do you mean a “set” number of daily calories with macro nutrients divided out into percentages such as 30% Fat, 40% Carbs, 30% Protein? If so, any commercial diet (i.e. South Beach, North Pole, Weight Watchers, Quick Weight Loss Plan..) will do. Some people opt to even go easier than this and actually have someone else put their meals together for them ( i.e. My Fit Foods, Jenny Craig, NutriSystems, Lean Cuisine…) I have not ever seen anybody continue these diet as “structured” or eat the pre-made meals for the rest of their life. So they lose some weight , go “off” the diet, gain weight back or develop a condition and go “on” another diet. This way of nourishing doesn’t teach a person anything about how to work “with” their body’s biochemistry to easily stay lean and healthy for life. It takes a little education and  mental reprogramming on the front end but what I do for myself and teach people is what & how much to eat “for” exercise (or “lack of” )and how to eat anti-inflammatory style for health. This is how bodybuilders eat and it works for everyone… safely. (Watch four FIRM U clients who were featured on Channel 11 KHOU). Bodybuilders have low insulin levels, great cardiovascular systems, strong bones, optimum immune systems, balanced hormones and slowed aging. All of the master (defined as 40 years old or older) bodybuilders I have ever seen look MUCH younger than their years! The activity level for the day determines what the macronutrient make up of that days meals will be so it cannot be actually structured and cookie cutter as if everyone’s body and activity level is the same. Our training clients eat our way and say it becomes instinctive, eating has never been easier and they feel better than they ever have. All enjoy the freedom of no longer being a slave to prescription drugs. Not everybody wants to be a competitive bodybuilder, that would necessitate taking the principles to extreme for reason of sport, but I’ve met no one so far who doesn’t want the health or the look of a fit body. (If you are a person who WANTS to take your body to the extraordinary leanness of a competitor or fitness model then there will be a specific combination of diet/weight training/aerobics that we will teach you).

Q: Will I lose fat if I do what my doctor suggests: “Eat less, exercise more” ?

NO, not if “eating less” is just less of the same pro-inflammatory food! and NO, not if you have high fasting insulin levels. That is why we like to see fasting Insulin on lab tests (The Firm U can order complete lab tests without you having to go to a doctor) Insulin causes any incoming calories (sugar) to easily be stored as fat. Eating less will decrease the amount of ATP (energy compound) that the body can produce -because you make energy from food while at thesame time exercising more  uses up the small amount of ATP the body has stored. Muscle must be cannibalized to provide amino acids to make more ATP to keep the body going. Eat less..exercise more will cause loss of muscle in people with high insulin.(high fasting insulin indicates insulin resistance) High insulin level also prevents fat that is stored on the body from being released to be burned off.

Q: How long will it take for me to lose the extra fat I have ?

This is like a student asking the teacher how long does he need to study to make an “A” on the test. Becoming “fit” is a process not an “event”. It is you, living, everyday, all day…It’s your existence. When you keep it a process, “fit” becomes permanent and instinctive and progressive. The Firm U has a wildly successful unique approach of combining the truths of human Biochemistry with Biomechanics. With this approach, the body actually has no choice but to force itself into positive adaptations. The longer you participate in the lifestyle, the leaner and healthier you become. Guaranteed. Bodybuilders do this and many cultures around the globe also practice the same fit principles, especially the traditional French who eat what many would consider “fattening” foods yet they remain at ideal bodyweights and remain virtually free of heart disease. It is often referred to as  the “French Paradox” . For some reason, people in America think they don’t have time to adopt this lifestyle but all of our clients can attest that, because of the lifestyle we teach, they actually have MORE time!! If you are too busy to be healthy…you are TOO busy!

Q: Why doesn’t my doctor tell me the things that The Firm U does ?

Your doctor has been trained in the traditional medical system. He/she sometimes doesn’t apply physiological logic but instead unknowingly uses studies often based on faulty associations and protocols conjured up by government and drug companies and endorsed by medical specialty boards. Protocol offers protection even if clinical evidence shows that the protocol is harmful! “Philanthropists” of medical schools have their agendas. i.e. Harvard is endowed and influenced heavily by the Rockefeller empire which also has deep interests in chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies and even in the Central Bank/Federal Reserve Bank. Big money always has a tendency to promote its own agenda and in the case of the medical industry, it has been so quietly done, with the AMA, FDA and US congress gladly lending a “helping” hand, that the average American hasn’t noticed…..until now! See the “Service Menu with Prices“button for details on pricing.