Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

You have made a decision to be optimally healthy. What stands between a person who is overweight or with a chronic medical condition and a fit healthy body?


Once your body is trapped in an inflammatory cycle, you can no longer eliminate fat cells or build muscle effectively. The FIRM U has a unique way of getting inflammation under control.  Weight gain is often the first sign of inflammation.  (Even thin people who look great in a swimsuit can be inflamed!)  Inflammation is why, many days, you are not feeling so hot, energetic or happy with yourself or the state of your health. If the inflammation continues to accumulate, symptoms will progress to things like high triglycerides, low HDL, joint pain, even wrinkles and sagging skin! If inflammatory fat is released into your blood stream, it spreads to your organs.  Eventually you become your doctor’s next car or boat when he tells you that you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or cancer. Why let it get that far?  Savvy doctors are realizing that diagnosing patients with these chronic conditions and then treating the symptoms, as protocol dictates… for life… is NOT working.

Too many patients are disillusioned, not getting “well” and looking elsewhere for health.  Now some doctors are promoting the “anti-inflammatory diet.”  They appear on TV and write books claiming they just discovered a NEW BREAKTHROUGH!  The anti-inflammatory diet is nothing new. Successful bodybuilders have been living this diet and lifestyle for many decades.  You don’t have to look like a bodybuilder or even participate in the sport to enjoy youthful vigor and the good health benefits of bodybuilding. Inflammation is not hard to eliminate. We teach clients (many 70+ years old) how to do it. It takes a little pantry cleaning and learning some simple science about your body.

A diet rich with the essential nutrients and hormonal control ensures optimal immune functions, weight control and avoids premature aging. This is the anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  Successful bodybuilders stay lean and healthy and look much younger than their years…inside and out (and they DON’T spend all day in the gym)!

We don’t promote the bodybuilding diet as the right one because that is what we do. The bodybuilding diet is what we do because it is the right one. The FIRM U Studio clients and trainers have been featured on TV and in newspapers many times because of our unique approach and success using bodybuilding principles. The FIRM U method can help anyone achieve optimal health and fitness.