Firm U Client Reviews


If you want to compete and win, Ray is the individual to get you there.

Appreciate getting the chance to see your place, yesterday morning. Everything is really impressive. Your business is growing and will continue to do so as more of your clients compete and the word gets around that if you want to compete and win, Ray is the individual to get you there. I can see where your fitness and conditioning fits in the overall fitness industry. For one thing, you are there to assist and support people who want to compete. Seeing the video capabilities gave me a different perspective on the training and fitness that you have been trying share with Tammy and I. I will say good luck. But I know you have everything well in hand and you know where you want to take your business.

Regards, Howard

Excellent Trainers and Clean Facility. Totally Worth It!

My husband and I have been using the facility since November, 2014 and we are more than content with the training we have been receiving. Master Ray Bessette keeps us on track!

Kathy M

After years of living a sedentary lifestyle I got back into the gym and lost over 30 pounds!

The weight came flying off, however I came to a point where I felt like I needed more structure and guidance in my workouts. Once I began training with Tom my knowledge and results exploded! I quickly realized how many prior workouts I had wasted and for the first time started to understand each muscle group and how to train them effectively. With Tom’s knowledge and motivation, I was able to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in just over 2 months! Whether you are a serious bodybuilder needing help with diet or workout programs or an average guy like myself just looking to take better care of themselves, the Firm has your solution!

Jason K

I lost 4 sizes, and 25 pounds…

I have been training with Thomas for almost 2 years now; I lost 4 sizes, and 25 pounds, and then became pregnant. During my pregnancy, while taking safe measures Thomas pushed me just enough to keep me healthy and to stay in shape. I was constantly receiving compliments on how great I looked and how the baby weight I gained was only in my stomach. I trained with him till the end of my pregnancy, and total I only gained 20 pounds. Thomas has confidence in me when I don’t have confidence in myself and that really means a lot. He is very professional and flexible with his schedule. He has made our sessions a lot of fun and it is something I actually look forward to. It’s definitely a great investment and well worth the money. Anybody would be lucky to have Thomas as a trainer.

Tara K

I went from a size 8 to a size 4, and lost 12 pounds.

I never thought I needed a personal trainer – I thought I knew how to workout. Then, after my hysterectomy 2 years ago, I found I had less energy and motivation to work out, so would hit and miss workouts, I was eating less and less, yet my clothes were getting tighter. I decided to seek professional help to reverse this trend and fit back into my clothes. I was impressed with Ray’s credentials and the promised results, at the same time, skeptical and decided to hire Ray. It seemed to happen all of a sudden – the moment of realization came as I stood in my closet for 30 minutes one Monday morning, trying on pants that were all too big! I was late to work, but thrilled with the result! I went from a size 8 to a size 4, and lost 12 pounds. I’m eating more and making better food choices. I‘m the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been. I’ve regained flexibility, endurance and have energy all day long (no more after lunch sleepiness!). Ray’s top priority is the safety and health of his clients. He treats everyone individually with different motivation techniques and workouts. He is truly inspiring and driven to help his clients succeed. One of his favorite phrases is “here we grow”. Ray is in-tuned and seems to know exactly how much to do during a workout, and keeps sessions interesting and fun. He says he’s been wrong before, just never in the gym and I believe it. He’s helped me make life changing adjustments that I know I can and will continue.


In working with Ray on diet and resistance training for 6 months, I regained my flexibility

After recovering from a medical issue that caused an extended absence from the work out scene, I tried to start again. 8 years of starting and stopping produced little results. I would start, do too much, get really sore, saw no change, and then try something else. I lost strength, flexibility, endurance, motivation, my clothes were getting tighter and something new was showing up – little aches and pains – particularly in my hip joints and shoulders. After watching Ray at the gym for a year, I noticed he had many regular clients that to showed up month after month, and impressed with his credentials, I decided to hire Ray. When I started, I could not do a push-up or run for 30 minutes. In working with Ray on diet and resistance training for 6 months, I regained my flexibility, can do many push-ups (real ones!) and can run effortlessly for 50 minutes. The aches and pains in my joints are also gone – I feel rejuvenated! Ray provides a safe, interesting and fun workout that kept me motivated to continue. He knows how much to push without debilitating me for the rest of the week. He truly is inspired and driven to help his clients succeed with their individual goals. He’s helped me make life changing adjustments that I know I can and will continue.


An Amazing Place that Does Great Work

My trainer, Chris Rousseau, along with all the other trainers that work at The Firm U are absolutely amazing. They are all great, fun people who love their jobs which makes going there so much better. The results and experience they offer are truly outstanding. Over all this is a much better place to go than any other gym or personal trainer service.

Beth M


An Inspiring Group of Professionals

I was very lucky to walk into this gym after seeing them on the news. Ray and Christine and the crew are a happy, upbeat, motivated and sincere team. When you hire one of them you get the expertise of all of them. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.


Strength Training Benefits

Cindy Cascio is my personal trainer at The Firm U. She makes sure I am using the proper form and posture with all of my strength training exercises. She tells me which muscle group or groups each exercise addresses. Cindy introduces new challenging weights and/or type of exercises as she determines what level is appropriate for me. She is obviously very knowledgeable and skillful as a personal trainer. I began training in November, 2014. There is already a very noticeable improvement in my balance and strength plus some muscle definition. The type of exercise I am getting is good for building stronger bones which is my main concern. My next bone density test is in June. I expect some very positive improvement from the last one I had in June, 2013. Cindy has also given me some exercises I can do at home. I own an exercise ball and some hand weights. She is so pleasant and sweet I look forward to seeing her on my training days. I only see her twice a week for one hour each session, so the very noticeable improvement in how I feel and look are amazing.

Jan J

Great System and Dedicated Trainers

The Firm U has improved my quality of life tremendously. Through weight training and nutritional guidance, I have increased my balance and lean muscle mass and lost weight. But best of all, I am completely off medications for diabetes and high blood pleasure for the first time in 14 years. The system works and I feel great.

Karen F

Awesome Trainers!

I have been going to The Firm U for several years and have always loved it. My trainer Chris Rousseaux is amazing. Not only is he personable, he is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, training and the body in general (he has his masters and teaches health/fitness at Lone star college). I have been able to continue training even while experiencing the symptoms of bulging discs and bone spurs in my neck as Chris’s knowledge enables him to adjust our workouts accordingly. Highly recommend him to anyone!!

Chantel E

Personal Training

The experience with The Firm U has been life altering. I am in my 60’s and am as strong as I was in my early 30’s. In addition to the personal attention and training received, the knowledge is invaluable. It will change your life.

Natalie R

Top Notch Trainers

All of the trainers at The Firm U are top notch. I have been working with Cindy Cascio for 1 year and I have learned so much about fitness, nutrition and hormone optimization. I would highly recommend Cindy or any of the fantastic trainers at The Firm U. I have never felt better.

Bob S

I don’t know what I would have done without Chris!!

Chris has been my trainer for about a year now, and I don’t know what I would have done without her! Losing weight and trying to get into shape are very hard things to do, especially with all of the misinformation and gimmicky products that are in the market. With her background in pharmacy and biochemistry, Chris is a well of information and has helped me learn the correct choices to make when it comes to food, and plans workouts that will best help me burn calories and tone. I feel she honestly cares about me, and wants to help me succeed in physically becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. The words “I can’t” are not part of her vocabulary, and with her, failure is not an option! Because of her dedication, for the first time in my life I actually look forward to working out because I KNOW that my goals are within reach. Chris isn’t the first trainer I’ve had, but I can honestly say she is by far the absolute best.

Debra H

Go See the Boss!

The Firm U rocks!! I have been working with trainer Christina Boss at The Firm U for nearly 2 years, and have obtained a level of successful fat loss and fitness that I have not found at other gyms, or with other trainers. She offers a specific set of skills including knowledge about how to tailor you’re eating, maximize your hormones and efficiently train your body that has kept me fit and fabulous. I would never have imagined that I could look and feel better at 42 than I did at 22! Thanks to Christina for all of her support and encouragement. She is truly the best out there!

Stephanie V

An All Encompassing Approach to Health, Wellness and Fitness

Christina Boss, RPH has served as my personal wellness coach for almost 2 years. I came to The Firm U as a woman in her mid-40 at the onset of menopause. She has been instrumental in my education of bioidentical hormones, effective strength training techniques, and proper nutrition in order to greatly enhance my quality of life. Christina has a voracious appetite for knowledge and I trust her insights to the latest research with regards to hormone replacement therapy, the use of natural supplementation, and also drug therapy to minimize effects of hypothyroidism, diabetes, and other common conditions. Her desire is that every client achieve optimal fitness and reduce the negative impacts of aging. Having previously been “treated” by the traditional medical community, I now understand the difference between a true wellness practitioner and a doctor evaluating my health through a narrow lens. The Firm U is more than just a gym. It is an environment of dedicated individuals who primary purpose is to see their clients succeed.

Trevor S