The BioFirm System

We introduce cardio as a last resort for fat loss. Weight training is #1!

Under eating is as bad as overeating. A healthy & hormonally balanced body ALWAYS responds to diet and exercise. If you do everything right with consistency and discipline and you don’t lose fat, there is a metabolic problem. The hormonal culprit is typically picked up easily on a blood test. If you do everything right with consistency and discipline, but stubborn fat STILL refuses to leave a specific area where it is not welcome, then that is your genetic disposition. This can still be overcome, but it will take certain thermogenic (fat burning) supplements specific to your physiology and the help of short term (typically 60 days at the most) minor Rx drugs (i.e., natural hormones or pharmaceutical grade supplements) to get past your genetic block. Notice we didn’t mention the word cardio.  We introduce cardio as a last resort in short bouts in addition to your weight training routine. This will help burn the last bit of sugar/fat you’re holding on to if you’re looking for that extreme “ripped” look.  Keep in mind these words of wisdom…

“Your parents are responsible for your shape, but they are not responsible for the shape you’re in!”

Body sculpting is where our competitive bodybuilding experience shines. After you surpass your initial expectations and want to take your physique to the “next” level we will explain these supplement and drug options based on your individual physiology, health and blood test markers. We will explain how to eat and exercise not only for looks but for great health and we will work with you patiently to shape your body the best to your genetic ability.  If you choose not to listen then don’t complain about not getting results. We apply the science of “leanness” using bodybuilding techniques and principles along with an anti-inflammatory diet. It works. It looks good too.We use a “systems” approach, The BioFirm System and since bodybuilding is holistic we look at your lifestyle holistically. We use Integrative Medicine standards and belong to the anti-aging medical groups AMMG (Age Management Medical Group, A4M (American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine), and Life Extension Foundation (a non-profit anti-aging research group).

Key body systems give us clues about what is sabotaging your efforts. Due consideration is given to the following systems:

Digestive System

  • This includes GI tract and the pancreas & liver
  • Maybe you have a toxic burden slowing down  metabolism– Maybe you are eating inflammatory foods?
  • Maybe you have a fatty liver?

Immune System  

  • Maybe you have a food sensitivity and don’t know it?
  • Vitamin D low? Glutathione low?

Adrenal Glands

  • Maybe your cortisol level is chronically elevated?

Endocrine System

This includes organs such as ovaries, testes, thyroid,  and pancreas. These organs produce estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormone and insulin. All of these hormones are critical and we must strive for optimal physiological levels. After 40 years of age you need more than just a “diet”. You need to decrease your toxic burden (skin, liver), increase immune system function (Vitamin D, glutathione), increase adrenal and thyroid function, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce between meal blood sugar spikes, increase digestion and absorption (probiotics), test for micronutrient deficiencies (SpectraCell test) and test for hormone imbalances (hormone blood panel). We help you understand your body so you will know better what questions to ask your doctor.

The BioFirm System:  Fitness Through Science, Not Fiction

The FIRM U has developed a foolproof way of teaching regular folks how to develop themselves into a “fitness” model type body called The BioFirm System.  We use this method successfully for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and medical conditions.  The BioFirm System consist of:

  • Bioidenticals (Restoring optimal internal hormonal balance
  • Biomechanics (Resistance Training)
  • Biochemistry (Anti- Inflammatory Nutrition)

The beauty of the BioFirm System is that all three of these components are under one roof at The FIRM U and are scientifically integrated to give our clients optimal results.

The Philosophy
The BioFirm System was created by modeling the lifestyle and principles of successful bodybuilders. Why mimic lifestyles and principles of a bodybuilder?  Bodybuilding is the only sport you wear. Bodybuilders are not about to do anything that fails to keep them healthy and get them in top shape in the least amount of time. The results are cumulative and easily maintainable.  Imagine your goal is to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people in a bikini.  This is what a bodybuilder does in competition. You may be thinking “I don’t want to look like that or compete as a bodybuilder, I just want to firm up and lose fat.”  No fear.  It’s very difficult to reach the point of taking the stage, but a bodybuilder knows how to maintain any level of leanness between being toned and firm like a normal fit person during off season to extreme leanness of a competitor on contest day. Look at it this way, bodybuilders or physique competitors have an enormous amount of knowledge of nutrition, physiology, anatomy and kinesiology and are to relate them to one another. This is not the case with ordinary healthcare providers. You could search for a credible nutritionist, personal trainer, pharmacist, and find a doctor that thinks outside the traditional treatment protocols. Getting them all to communicate with one another and have them all on the same page when it comes to the patient/client is another story.  Our BioFirm System connects all the dots under one roof.