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Comprehensive Blood Test

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The FIRM U Lab Panel Procedure

The FIRM U orders comprehensive Weight Loss and Hormone Blood Panel for clients from our Integrative medicine doctors.  Blood is drawn at any LabCorp lab.  If you were to purchase this test on your own, it would cost about $2,100 for the blood panel only. The FIRM U cost can be found HERE and includes a comprehensive blood panel through LabCorp; an initial doctor visit at The FIRM U to prescribe custom hormone formulations; dose and route of administration.  Lab results are emailed directly to The FIRM U. Based on lab results and medical history, suggestions are made and hormone formulations are carefully selected for effectiveness and quality by Dr. Tamyra Comeaux.  All recommendations are backed by valid scientific and medical literature to ensure the client receives the quality treatment needed to achieve their fitness goals and live better and longer. See our home page for details on pricing.

Ray's Blood Panel

The results below are my actual results.  Click on the images to see the details of our blood tests.

I can't help the outside if I don't know what's going on, on the inside. A comprehensive blood test will help discover deficiencies that we can address and develop a gameplan.

Ray Bessette, Owner

The Firm U Clients are Saying About IT!

I packed on the pounds though 2020-21 due to the Covid and the shutdowns. I started back with Ray in 2022. I re-tested the comprehensive blood test at The Firm U to get a baseline on my health numbers. The time off from eating healthy & weight training made a change for the worse on my body. The blood test reported; my AIC range was now at a diabetic level, my insulin levels pointed to me being insulin resistant, my testosterone levels were very low, my vitamin D levels were very, very low & my CRP (inflammation marker) was high. Ray came up with a “clean” diet and personal training plan that put me in the right direction. I’m looking forward to getting fit & healthy for 2023, Ray knows his stuff!
I started a Personal Training program with Ray two months ago. I saw results in the being, then hit a plateau after being consistent with his weight loss program. Ray suggested that I get a blood test to see if I was deficient in specific markers that would slow my weight loss goals down. I gave Ray a copy of my blood test I had done four months ago through my company’s insurance. After he reviewed my results, he informed me that my test was not very helpful because the panels were not very thorough. Ray said most insurance companies won’t pay for blood panels unless you have specific symptoms to justify the extra cost. Ray explained how different and comprehensive his panel was and was specific to my fitness goals. After going over my blood test results with Ray, he discovered I had Insulin Resistance, my hormones were messed up, and I was low in Vitamin D. My company blood test didn’t have these blood panel markers on it. We came up with a plan to correct these deficiencies and get me back on track. Can’t find a “one-stop shop” like The Firm U!