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Ray Bessette

Ray Bessette

Founder & Co-Owner, Cancer Specialist, Master Clinical Fitness Trainer
Ray is the Founder and Co-Owner of The FIRM U and a Master Clinical Fitness Trainer. He studied Exercise Physiology at The University of Vermont (1978-79) then decided to serve our country in the United States Air Force in 1979. In 1986, he received an Honorable Discharge and Good Conduct Medal. He graduated from the prestigious Professional Training Institute in Las Vegas, NV. Ray is a Cancer Exercise Specialist and has earned and maintains national certifications from ACE, NASM & NSCA. Biomechanics & rehabilitation are his specialty. He is a Natural Pro Bodybuilder and ranks consistently in the top 5 as a competitor at the NPC National Masters level (50-59 yrs. old). At 58 years old, Ray enjoys perfect health and a youthful physique due to the bodybuilding lifestyle. His clients have been highlighted numerous times in the media for reaching fitness goals once thought unattainable!
Tamyra Y. Comeaux

Tamyra Y. Comeaux

Dr. Tamyra Y. Comeaux is board certified in Gynecology, Anti-Aging, and Regenerative Medicine. She has been in private practice since 2000. Dr. Comeaux is experienced in preventing as well as helping treat health problems using the least invasive and disruptive methods possible. Her expertise includes Weight Loss individualized planning, Orthomolecular medicine (Vitamin Intake calculation and advice, recommending the right vitamins in the right amounts), Natural Hormone Therapy, natural solutions for gynecologic problems (like PCOS, fibroids, and endometriosis). She is also at the forefront of the new and exciting trend of treating conditions not amenable to traditional therapies via autologous Adipose Stem Cells (for example: aging, menopause, fertility, autoimmune diseases, impotence, chronic pain, baldness) and Platelet-Rich Plasma. After receiving her Medical Degree and becoming board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, she also obtained a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition and a Naturopathic Medical Degree. She has also completed additional training in liposuction and fat transfer (for facial rejuvenation, implant-free breast enhancement, vaginal rejuvenation). She is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and completed her Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship to help naturally combat the dramatic increase in cancer rates. She has developed her own line of unique nutraceutical supplements (that have been independently analyzed) to “fill in the gaps” left by traditional medicine and help patients achieve optimal health. A native of California, in her leisure time she enjoys reading, writing, and has traveled to over 60 countries.
Kerrie Bikram

Kerrie Bikram

Owner & Chef, Fit N Firm Foods
Kerrie Bikram is 39 yrs. old, born and raised in the Caribbean island of Trinidad n Tobago. She moved to the US when she was 11 yrs. old with her parents and two elder sisters. She is a business owner and recently started her own catering company. Kerrie is the chef of The FIRM U’s pre-packaged anti-inflammatory meal service called Fit N Firm Foods. After struggling with her weight for years and being diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, Kerrie refused the medications her doctor was going to prescribe and chose to self-educate on how she could use food and diet to eliminate her conditions. While doing so, she dropped from a size 24 to 14. Kerrie uses her personal experience with nutrition research to create culinary creations that are satisfying to the pallet and don’t cause inflammation in the body. She prepares meals with grass-fed meats; organic, free-range poultry; wild-caught seafood; organic, low carb veggies lots of green, leafy veggies and tons of grass-fed butter; coconut oil and olive oil. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and all meals are made from scratch every day. They are perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

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Personal Training

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Hormonal Balance Blood Panel & Doctor Review

Includes cost of the Life Extension/Lab Corp. blood panel, a one-hour lab review with Dr. Tamyra Comeaux; initial bottle of EFAs, Herbs, & Minerals ($95 value); prescriptions written; & recommendation of additional supplements needed for optimal health & wellness. Prescription filling, additional supplements & 3 month follow-up labs are not included.
  • $1,500

Hormonal Balance Blood Panel & Doctor Review (3 Month Follow-Up)

Includes the cost of the Life Extension/Lab Corp. blood panel; a 30-minute lab review with Dr. Tamyra Comeaux; prescriptions written and recommendation for additional supplements needed for optimal health and wellness. Prescription filling and additional supplements are not included.
  • $750

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