Laser Lipo Inch Loss System

The Firm U is pleased to announce the addition of the Laser Lipo System for non-invasive inch loss and body spot fat reduction. This product has been available outside the US (currently in 30 countries), and recently received its FDA approval.   Treatments are 20 minutes, completely non-invasive, with no pain, drugs, or recovery time.

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat with Our Laser Lipo System!

  • Painless, unrivaled results!
  • Non-invasive!
  • Suitable for all skin types!
  • No downtime!
  • Results in 20 minutes!
  • FDA Approved!

This technology has been featured on The Doctors, Rachel Ray, Extra, and on local Houston ABC affiliate.  Free consultation call 281-713-5700.  Or contact us online at today!

Free Laser Lipo Consultation

The Laser Lipo Treatment plan is offered at The Firm U.   Each treatment plan is customized for you.  To learn more, simply fill out the quick contact form.


    Proven Results

    In the FDA approved study, a 95% success rate was achieved, with the average participant losing over 3.6 inches to a single waistline measurement after only 8 treatments in 30 days.  Given what we do here at The Firm U, we believe Laser Lipo compliments our core values and will provide the desired Firm U customer results that will become an integral part of our overall objective to get people healthy and both feeling and looking good.

    Laser Lipo can solely be a quick solution to go to the beach, vacation, or special event with confidence in fitting in your clothes and looking good!  The Optional Services we provide that amplify your fitness results with Laser Lipo are; Weight training, Nutrition, & Hormonal balance are the 3 components that The Firm U innovated to make your Health & Fitness results long lasting for a lifetime.

    Painless and Effective

    Let the Laser Lipo System do the work!  Each treatment plan is tailored to your preference.  The Laser Lipo Pads can be placed in the areas of your choosing.

    Before and After Treatment - See Results

    See the Difference in your Body's Shape in 3D

    We track your progress over time with our 3D Body Scanning. No more calipers!

    View Videos Below to Learn More about Laser Lipo