Personal Training in Spring and Tomball, Texas



Personal Training pricing is determined after our first private fitness consultation together. Here is what you can expect.  You will complete and bring this “Fitness Assessment/Health Status” form to the consultation.  When you arrive, we will have an in-depth conversation about your assessment form and develop a personalized fitness plan

What Sets Me Apart From Other Personal Trainers?

My typical clients have unique goals, limitations, and physical conditions.  Many of them are taking several medications for varying conditions.  Each of these factors needs special attention. I will give you an accurate timeline and cost to achieve your goals.

Not a “Cookie Cutter” Program

No two people are the same. My health & fitness programs are “Results-Based Training,” tailored for you to succeed. I don’t offer “Cookie Cutter” programs, so there is no “one cost fits all” price. Have you tried other exercise programs, fads diets, gimmicks, classes, gadgets, or paid for gym memberships only to find yourself frustrated and making no progress?  I hear this all the time.  When my clients adhere to my program, they see permanent results.

More Than Personal Training

I have multiple national certifications such as ACSM, NSCA, ACE, NASM-CPT.  I am a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist.  My client base is made up of sport-specific athletes, diabetics, elderly, pre & post operation rehab patients, cancer survivors, people with heart and cardiovascular diseases, overweight and morbidly obese clients, etc. I’ve had success in treating all these types of client conditions, some with combinations of more than one disorder listed.  Read more about me and my credentials here.

What you won’t get at The FIRM U

Big gym drama, intimidation, membership fees, people gawking at us, waiting for that person to stop texting for 10 minutes on the equipment, gym rats grunting and make strange annoying noises.

Private and Personal

All personal training is PRIVATE at The Firm U Studio with me, Ray Bessette. We also have an awesome sound system.  Bring your favorite play list that motivates you.  We can blast it through our state-of-the-art sound system, or we can jam out to The FIRM U’s house music.

See Some of my Clients’ Success Stories

When you meet with me, you’ll understand the value in my education and experience through the successful results of my clients.  Watch some interviews and testimonials on my YouTube channel.  Maybe you’ll be the next!

Let’s Get Started!

The best way to contact me for a free Fitness Consultation is to submit the quick contact form at